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At Screens of Georgia, we have an experienced team who can get the job done right. Our team has a wide range of experience, from standard installations to fully custom fittings. We will work hard to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with the installation work we do.

Derek Melnychuk

Derek was raised as a farm boy in Western Canada. He grew up with an example of strong work ethic from his Mom & Dad. His parents also owned a construction company where he learned under the supervision of journeyman carpenters. From foundations, framing, roofing and finishing Derek learned and loved to work with his hands and eventually ran his own crew.

With the benefits of hands on experience and creative “get it done” mentality Derek landed a position with a NY based MRI company, installing the medical equipment throughout the world. He was offered a position within the company that ultimately brought him to Georgia in 1991 to manage MRI clinics.

During that time he started his own company and in 1995 Screens of Georgia was born and became an exclusive distributor for Phantom screen products. From 1995 to present Derek has been a pioneer in the retractable screen business. Having personally installed thousands of screens himself, he brings a level of experience and knowledge to the industry that is hard to match.

Derek and his wife Leanne currently live in the Canton area. They have 4 children, their oldest son is a graduate of Georgia Tech and is an engineer for GM. Their daughter is currently working in the medical field and will be attending medical school in the fall of 2019. After almost being an empty nester, Derek has started over with his two adopted sons. Hockey, soccer and other adventures are now back in play for Leanne and Derek!

Leanne Melnychuk

Growing up in metro Vancouver, aside from family, the one thing that Leanne misses is the rain... NOT! The beautiful scenery of BC with its snow-capped mountains is still “home” – even after 30 years. After college, while working as an auditor for the Alberta Treasury Department, she also worked part time for a small accounting firm prior to moving to the States in 1991. Though the sight of the magical Northern Lights dancing across the sky has been missed, the long winter and frigid temperatures of Alberta have not. Georgia fireflies have become an anticipated event each year which she looks forward to.

Since the conception of Screens of Georgia in 1995 and of as one of the co-owners, Leanne oversees most of the office tasks including accounting, purchasing, inventory and the occasional third hand on installs.

Leanne and Derek, along with three of their children, live in the Canton area. Their oldest son is out in the workforce and their daughter is working and getting ready to attend medical school. Leanne and Derek have a soft spot for little children and since 2010, they have been involved with FaithBridge Foster Care. After fostering 2 “lil dudes” for more than 3 years, they adopted them in late 2014. If she’s not shuttling the “lil dudes” between hockey, soccer, basketball... and fighting evil villains, you’ll find her in the church nursery rockin’ little newborns and trying to figure out the next family adventure. 

The Screens of Georgia Team

Derek, Leanne, Lorinda, John, Charles, Jackson, Mario

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